About us

2bd0666-1Rachel Morris is a GP, executive coach, facilitator and educator with a special interest in personal effectiveness, resilience and well-being. She helps people foster good professional behavior, and specializes in teaching about professionalism in the workplace. She is the Lead for Professionalism at the University of Cambridge, School of Clinical Medicine.

As a coach, She provides a ‘thinking environment’ in which clients are able to discover their true passions and goals in life. She raises awareness of how professional behavior and lifestyle factors can affect performance and well-being.

Drawing on her experience as a GP, she works holistically with clients, recognising the need to be healthy in mind and body and to discover what gives them meaning and purpose in life.



Elinor Brown is a Mindfulness teacher, with an interest in building mindful communities. Her own practice is fundamental to her professional and personal life and she is passionate about the potential to transform individuals and impact communication, relationships and organisations.

She trained at Bangor University and is on the UK Network for Mindfulness-Based Teacher Training Organisations Listing for teachers recognized as meeting the UK Good Practice Guidelines.

Elinor runs group-based courses within organisations. She works in the business, charitable and education sectors. She taught on Oxford University’s MYRIAD Project (Mindfulness and Resilience in Adolescence) and is a freelance trainer for the Mindfulness in Schools Project.

Elinor has worked in digital media, broadcasting and publishing for large corporations and small businesses. She has experience of managing teams and working under intense pressure and is committed to alleviating stress and increasing well-being.


 Emma T Emma Tytherleigh is a personal trainer and expert in fitness and nutrition. She has always been passionate about health and well-being, participating in strength training, walking, cycling and has a particular love of running. She also places a great deal of value in eating a healthy diet to help feel at her best.

After working in management for a number of years she decided to take a change in direction and make a career out of her passion, qualifying as a Level 3 Personal Trainer with Premier International. Since qualifying she has set up circuit classes, one to one personal and group fitness sessions and offers advice on strength conditioning and nutrition.

Emma believes that ‘movement is life’ and works with clients to help them improve their fitness levels and build regular exercise into their daily lives. Emma recognises the power of exercise to help reduce stress and anxiety whilst improving energy levels, cognitive function and concentration.