Regular exercise helps individuals by:

  • Improving cardiovascular fitness and strength
  • Reducing stress and anxiety
  • Improving cognitive function, concentration and focus


Eating a healthy balanced diet is an essential part of wellbeing which:

  • Promotes a healthy immune system
  • Increases and sustains energy levels needed to meet the demands of a busy life
  • Provides the body with the right platform to operate optimally both physically and mentally


Emma Offers:

1:1 Personal Training

After conducting a full consultation to gain an understanding of an individual’s current fitness level, diet and lifestyle, Emma works with clients to encourage and motivate them to meet their goals eg. weight loss, improving cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle definition.

Circuit Classes

  • The classes use a number of exercises to work all the major muscle groups
  • Exercises vary from week to week and there are adaptions available for each exercise to enable participants to work within their own fitness/ strength ability
  • Participants benefit from the fun of working in a group environment whilst receiving individual assistance with posture and technique
  • Emma’s approach is more Mrs Motivator than Sargent Major

Small Group Training

  • For groups of between 2-4 people
  • An ideal solution for people who find it helpful to have more individual attention but also enjoy working with others and having additional accountability partners
  • Sessions can be run in any location from parks, boardrooms, classrooms and individuals homes