Training Days

Live Well. Be Well. Perform Well. Transform your approach to managing stress.

Cambridge Performance  is delighted join with Alasdair Cant and Associates to bring you a highly interactive training day exploring wellbeing for you or your team.

Are you a professional in a high pressure job, doing your best with finite resources, time and energy? Do you find yourself working harder and harder to get all the work done, only to feel exhausted by the end of the day and unable to do the things you really love?

In today’s busy workplace, organisations want more but may give you less time and resources. The focus is often on efficiency savings rather than people’s wellbeing.

We have experienced the stress of working in the NHS and for local government whilst managing a busy home life.

‘Live Well. Be Well. Perform Well.’ is designed to help you transform your approach to balancing life and work.

This performance-enhancing day will enable you to look at your response to stress and how to manage it.  The course is highly interactive, combining exercise and mindfulness and helping you take steps to make changes using motivational behaviour change techniques, supporting you to perform at your best.


Maximising performance: team development day 

Increasing personal effectiveness by looking after your number one asset – yourself.

This day consists of workshops focusing on well-being, resilience, lifestyle and prevention of work-related stress. We examine the neuroscience of the effects of stress on the brain and explore how lifestyle change, exercise and mindfulness can help prevent these negative effects.


Throughout the day we will use practical exercises, group discussion and personal reflection to explore these areas. We will also include mindfulness practices and an opportunity for exercise and physical activity.

The day will be a great chance for teams to connect with each other outside the office in a neutral and supportive environment, and for individuals to step off the treadmill and take some time and space to reflect on their own life-work balance, performance and effectiveness.